Intermountain Power Service Corporation




  • Audio Systems
  • Video Systems
  • Control System
  • Projector and 90" LED Display

Delta, Utah

We installed new Audio and Video systems for the IPSC Power Plant in Delta Utah.
This facility deals with mission critical issues and can’t afford an A/V system that isn’t reliable.
We were asked to install new Audio Video Systems that were Intuitive, Stable and Reliable for the users.
The main control of the system is done with an AMX control system with 7″ touch panels in each conference room.
One conference room is equipped with a 90″ LED Display and the other has a 10,600 lumen Projector for presentations.
Table top boxes in the conference room table allow VGA, HDMI, Phone and Network connections.
The facility also has new Audio Systems which include table top and wireless microphones.
An Audio Conference system has been integrated for touch panel control.