Utah Jazz Training Facility


December 2017


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Control

This was a large project that relied heavily on the network.  We were able to create our own A/V network using 4 Cisco layer 3 network switches and utilizing 5 VLANS.  We were also able to utilize the owners’ network infrastructure to connect the network TV system into our A/V network.

Our work for the Jazz training facility consisted of A/V within 2 spaces in the building. The players’ area consists of the gym, weight and training area, players’ lounge and dining area, players’ locker room, bathroom and showers, hydrotherapy area, physical-therapy or trainers’ area, and the massage room.

The staff area includes the coaches’ offices, video bullpen, coaches’ area, coaches’ locker room, classroom, press conference room, media room, and a meeting room.

In most of these areas, there are multiple TV’s, each with their own IPTV Decoder to watch TV or Apple TV. Local HDMI inputs, Bluetooth audio inputs, and Crestron control touch panels made the system easy to use. There are also flush mount and hanging ceiling speakers installed throughout the facility to provide sound.

Each touch panel has custom graphics, specific to the Utah Jazz, and all have been designed to function very similarly as you move from one room to another within the facility.