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Community and Rec Center AV Systems

Gym sound systems and AV solutions for rec centers to better serve your community residents. Trust Marshall Industries to install commercial sound systems for your gym or community center.


Community and Rec Center AV Systems

Community centers serve many purposes and the needs differ for each. By understanding each space’s intended use, we’re able to customize our systems to give you the best possible experience for the visitors in your community. We offer systems for every room in your facility to ensure staff is effective, and visitors keep coming back. From paging systems and digital signage, to classroom and multipurpose room AV Systems and everything in between, we’re ready to help.

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Rec Center AV Systems - Community Center Solutions

Paging, Digital Signage and Displays

Paging systems allow you to make announcements or pages through the entire facility, giving you a way to notify everyone in the building simultaneously of an emergency, or any other announcement. We ensure every speaker is balanced and equalized so all announcements on your fitness sound system come across clear, intelligible, and the same volume throughout the building. Displays can be mounted around weight and exercise areas giving patrons access to cable, satellite, or networked TV during their workout.  Digital signage allows you to display multiple forms of content at once. It’s a great way to display upcoming events, and important daily information.


Fitness & Gym Sound Systems

Fitness AV systems can be as simple as ceiling speakers with audio inputs, and a microphone for the class instructor. They often also include displays on the front wall. Wireless head worn microphones allow the instructor to guide the class, hands free. Equalization and balancing of these systems is especially important to ensure the instructor’s voice is heard over the music without drowning it out or causing feedback. We always make sure any controls in these rooms are intuitive and easy to understand.  Often times, gym and pool systems are strictly sound. Ceiling speakers are installed to cover the entire area with microphone, auxiliary input jacks or Bluetooth receivers so anyone can connect their device for music. Controls for these rooms can be placed in a separate, secured room, in a locked box on the wall, or in the room with a password on the control panel. Discover more about our sound systems for gyms and fitness AV here.


Classroom and Multipurpose Room AV Systems

Rec center classrooms are very similar to K-12 classrooms. There is typically a projector or display on one wall and ceiling speakers. A video input allows users to present to the class using their own device, and a wireless microphone ensures their voice is heard anywhere in the room. Since these spaces are often rented and used by outside individuals, we make sure they’re intuitive and simple. Several of these individual classrooms can be combined to create a multipurpose room. We’re able to automate the combining and separating of these rooms so no manual adjusting is necessary every time the room is reconfigured.

Let’s Discuss What We Can Do for You

We have specialists in each aspect of rec center AV systems, from sound systems for gyms to community center AV. We would love to learn more about your project’s unique needs and how we can help.