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School AV Systems & Classroom Intercoms

AV for schools to maximize safety and impact learning in classrooms. Our classroom intercoms and audio video systems help schools make communication more effective.


School AV Solutions

In the education environment, we typically focus on three things: safety, communication, and scheduling. Marshall Industries is proud to provide audio visual systems that help ensure the safety of faculty, staff, students, and property. We implement sound and video systems with the highest quality to ensure effortless communication within each school. 

For over four decades, we’ve partnered with some of the top school wireless communication system brands. We offer a wide variety of educational audiovisual systems, as well as high-quality care and service to ensure the individual needs of your school are met. We also have an engineering and design team to ensure you get a well-designed, properly working system.

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PA Systems for Schools & Classroom Intercoms - School Solutions
Classroom AV Control Systems


In the K-12 arena, communication systems play a significant role in the day-to-day operations of a school. Intercom systems for schools such as traditional 25-volt analog system or network IP digital systems offer two-way communication within classrooms, zone paging, bell tones, music during class changes—which helps educators strengthen attendance—and emergency paging from the touch of a button. The new Rauland TCU provides the highest level of security in a school. Audio enhancement systems in classrooms make it possible for the teacher to be heard without having to strain his or her voice.

We provide IR microphones for teachers and even speaker coverage in the classrooms. Systems like these allow opportunities to reinforce incidental learning. For clock systems, we offer analog, digital, GPS, and central controllers. Our clocks can be either electric or battery-powered and can be synchronized with school bell communication systems.

Our sound systems can be utilized in auditoriums, gymnasiums, and athletic fields. These systems use high-quality speakers specific to the size and needs of the space, amplifiers, state-of-the-art processors, and controls that are easy to operate. We also provide wireless and headset microphones to incorporate music playback and the highest level of vocal articulation.

AV for Schools & Classrooms

Higher Education

Technology in higher education is evolving. A simple projector and screen in a classroom are still valuable for some applications, but this system is slowly being replaced by more intimate huddle spaces where students can use their own devices interactively with the systems built into the room, allowing for better collaboration between students and instructors.

Today’s huddle spaces are becoming the standard for enterprise meetings and collaboration spaces. They have evolved beyond small areas for a few people to congregate; we now see wireless connectivity, video conferencing, and audio integrated into them. Driven by lower technology costs, control is now being added into the huddle space to manage the various technologies.

Marshall Industries specializes in installing classroom audio video solutions that will accommodate large auditoriums, classrooms, and the newer technology of smaller huddle spaces.


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Marshall Industries is proud to provide the leading school & classroom AV systems throughout Utah and Idaho. Whether your education facility needs a new intercom solution or you’re looking for a sound system for an auditorium, we can help. Here are some of our most recent classroom audio video projects.

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We have specialists in each segment of school AV, including classroom intercoms, and would love to learn more about your project’s unique needs and how we can help.