November 13, 2017

Marshall Industries Customer Appreciation BBQ 2017

Every year in the Fall, Marshalls holds an event that we always look forward to. This year, it was bigger than ever and we had a blast. We had delicious food from Pat’s BBQ, drinks from Sodalicious, a stilt walker handing out all kinds of swag, lots of giveaways, cookies, candy, popcorn and cotton candy…. READ MORE >

July 28, 2017

Giving Back to the Community

One of the perks of working here at Marshall Industries is knowing you’re with a company that cares. Cares about its employees, customers, families & the community. We have been so blessed over the years & feel it is only right to pay it forward. There are so many families not only around the world… READ MORE >

July 12, 2017

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device. New technology for collaboration

The way the world does business is evolving. People want to work differently than they used to. Office design, and subsequently, the technology we use in the office is changing. The days of high-walled cubicles and people keeping to themselves are going and being replaced with small groups collaborating, and employees working remotely. We now… READ MORE >

August 1, 2016

Options for Distribution of Video Programming

Do you need to distribute many different channels or programs? In the old analog days, TV channels were broadcast over the air, or throughout a facility, using analog Radio Frequency (RF) signals. Within a facility, these signals were carried on the familiar black coax cable to each TV, and the TV was tuned to the… READ MORE >

September 4, 2015


Put simply, a CCTV system is a closed circuit television system that does not publicly distribute or broadcast its signals. Its main purpose is for security and surveillance. Through strategic placement of cameras CCTV systems deter crime and increase security by monitoring the cameras feed through monitors. For heightened security measures, businesses can also install… READ MORE >

August 25, 2015

Commercial Audio Sound Systems

In business, commercial audio and video systems rarely work separately and independently from one another. They work together, so it makes sense that in order to have a great video system, you need a great audio system as well.   Does Your Business Need a Commercial Audio Sound System? A new display or projector loses… READ MORE >

August 21, 2015

Overhead Paging & Nurse Call Systems

When connected, the Biamp overhead paging system with the Rauland-Borg Nurse Call System become a powerful automated and accurate announcement, removing human error. In a code blue situation, medical facilities need to get messages to staff quickly, clearly and accurately. This video shows how we can automate code blue announcements to take out human error and… READ MORE >

August 7, 2015

School Intercom Systems

When kids get dropped off at school there is an expectation that parents have that the needs of their child will be met. The school communication system must meet a facility’s needs in emergencies, scheduling and daily communications. Marshall Industries has teamed with a carefully selected group of manufacturers to offer the very best products, pricing, and… READ MORE >

August 3, 2015

Advantages of an Enterprise Level Digital Signage Solution

There have been a number of attempts at using various hardware and software products to distribute information on displays in educational facilities. Uses of Digital Signage in the Education Market There have been a number of attempts at using various hardware and software products to distribute information on displays in educational facilities. From the days… READ MORE >

Access Control System: What are they and where do I start?

While the need for controlling physical access to a building hasn’t changed much, the tech we use and the way we integrate it with other systems has. Security has become a much larger concern over the past decade. Looking back over my 15 years in the technologies system integration field, I have seen several things… READ MORE >