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Nurse Call Systems

The ever-advancing healthcare industry highly demands nursecall solutions to meet and exceed a facility’s needs. With our technology, Marshall Industries customers in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming have seen many positives, including: decreased staff response times, increased HCAHPS scores, optimized workflows, and improved patient care overall.


Nurse Call Systems

The nurse call and call light systems provided by Marshall Industries help break the communication barriers between patients, caregivers, and staff. Our custom systems help facilities, including hospitals, assisted living centers, and nursing homes, implement fast-reaction programs that give patients the immediate care they often need. With nurse call systems playing an integral part in the lifeline between caregivers and patients, we always aim to keep everyone informed and in touch.

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Marshall Industries’ long-standing relationship with Rauland-Borg, one of the country’s most notable healthcare brands, has allowed us to provide our customers with very reliable solutions. We supply industry-leading nurse call designs and bring over 40 years of experience to the healthcare industry. We have the insight to ensure facilities have the tools to optimize workflow and patient experience.

Improved Patient Care

Our progressive systems also integrate with electronic medical records, real-time locating systems, wireless phones, infant protection, and many more. Pair these features with our advanced nurse call software for an all-inclusive communication portal. With programming catered to your facility’s needs, you can directly notify specific staff members of calls, automate workflow steps, and reassure your patients that their needs are your number one priority. Improve patient care with our nurse call systems for assisted living and nursing homes.

Maximize Communication Efficiency

Designing a solution to meet the needs of your specific facility will benefit patients and staff alike. In optimizing workflow steps operating costs will be lower, and your team can provide better patient care and elevate your HCAHP scores. Work with our healthcare experts to create the right solution for you.


Related Projects

At Marshall Industries, we take pride in providing top-of-the-line healthcare systems to meet the needs of medical facilities. From large-scale medical centers to specialized maternity and assisted living facilities, we have successfully implemented nurse call systems that streamline communication and enhance patient care. These systems provide comprehensive solutions for hospital nurse call systems and can prove vital when handling code blue events. The following projects showcase our expertise in designing and installing state-of-the-art wireless nurse call systems:

What is a nurse call system?

A nurse call system is a communication system used in healthcare facilities to allow patients to alert and communicate with healthcare staff. It typically consists of bedside call buttons, corridor lights, and a central console or software that alerts nurses and displays calls. Nurse call systems ensure that patients can easily reach out for assistance and enable nurses to respond promptly to their needs. Marshall Industries offers a variety of communication technology solutions, including wireless nurse call systems.

How does a nurse call system work?

A nurse call system provides patients with call buttons that they can easily activate when they need assistance. We can locate the call buttons at the bedside and sometimes in bathrooms. When a patient presses the call button, it sends a signal to the central console or software, which alerts the nursing staff through various means, such as audible tones, visual displays, or wireless devices. The staff can then promptly respond to the patient’s call and provide assistance.

Are nurse call systems easy to use?

Yes, nurse call systems are user-friendly and easy to use. Patients can simply press a button to initiate a call for help, and the system will alert the nursing staff. Patients with limited mobility or dexterity can still easily access the large call buttons. Many modern nurse call systems also feature wireless technology, eliminating the need for complex wiring installation. Overall, the simplicity and intuitiveness of nurse call systems contribute to their ease of use for patients and healthcare staff.

Why should I choose a hospital nurse call system from Marshall Industries?

When selecting a hospital nurse call system, Marshall Industries gives you plenty of reasons to choose us. We specialize in providing overhead paging nurse call systems, which offer a reliable and efficient means of communication in healthcare facilities. Our systems meet hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities’ unique needs. Additionally, our nurse call systems incorporate wireless technology, eliminating the need for extensive wiring installations and providing flexibility for future expansions or modifications. Marshall Industries has a proven track record of delivering high-quality and dependable communication solutions to the healthcare industry.

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