Sound Masking Systems

Reduce the noise to reduce the distraction with sound masking systems from Marshall Industries.


Making Office Noise nearly Invisible

Sound masking makes office noise nearly invisible by seamlessly integrating proven scientific research into the latest sound technology. Whether screening out noise for privacy and increasing security or improving the acoustic neutrality of your space, Marshall Industries is the sound masking expert you need for a professional install.

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Office Sound Masking

Improve Workspace Productivity & Privacy

An elegant solution to common workplace problems, a sound masking system emits an ambient, white noise background tuned to the frequencies of your office. Marshall Industries’ selection of office sound masking products thoroughly suppresses noise in any environment, including yours. Our expertly crafted systems perfectly mask many architectural and acoustic challenges facing businesses today. Along with cleverly concealing noticeable noise levels throughout your workplace, your sound masking systems boost employee efficiency office-wide according to proven scientific research.

Reduce Noise Distraction

Specific frequencies keep your brain from picking up on human voice tones that typically distract employees from work.

Increase Speech Privacy

Keep sensitive conversations private with small office sound masking systems personalized to your space.

Improve Productivity

Preventing conversational distractions can result in major productivity gains for your entire workforce.

Enhance Office Acoustics

Achieve an optimal acoustic environment where your employees can thrive by addressing sound control concerns.

Seamlessly Integrates

Easy-to-use sound masking systems offer total control over workplace noise through a simplified self-contained system.

Sound Masking Systems

Industries Who Rely on the Sound Masking Advantage

Leverage your architecture network with sound masking solutions from Marshall Industries. From open and closed offices to healthcare facilities to houses of worship and everything in-between, sound masking systems can maximize the efforts of any organization.

Marshall Industries serves businesses of all scales and sizes. From large corporations to small, family-owned businesses, our custom sound masking solutions give our customers the noise comfort they need to perform their best work. Some of our sound masking clientele include Amazon, WinCo, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Provide your business with the sound masking you need to minimize the radius of noise distraction. Discover how sound masking can help you better meet the needs of your industry by contacting the professionals at Marshall Industries today.

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  • Health Care
  • Religious Organizations
  • Co-Working Office Spaces
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Noise Masking System

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sound masking?

Sound masking is the addition of generated sound to minimize sound distractions. Adding specific frequencies to an environment through a sound masking system raises the noise floor enough to keep your brain distracted from unnecessary noise. Depending on the characteristics of your space, sound masking systems can minimize the conversational levels of co-workers 15 feet away or more. This technology will help diminish noise distractions, protect speech privacy, boost productivity, and balance acoustics to create a comfortable working environment.

How does sound masking work?

Sound masking systems are specifically engineered to emit sound frequencies that raise the noise floor to a level where distractions are less likely to stimulate the brain. Rather than canceling noise out entirely, these systems act as a sound generator to flood offices with specific frequencies. The result is a working environment that seems quieter because of a sound masking system that makes human tones less intelligible and therefore less disturbing.

Does sound masking really work?

Adding unobtrusive background noise through a sound masking system is proven to improve speech privacy. Often in open-air workplaces and noisy office environments, employees and customers find it difficult to stay on task.

Several scientific studies establish that speech and office noise disrupt performance. Research shows that employees waste an average of 2.1 hours a day on distractions, with more than half of all employees saying workplace noise harms their productivity.

Sound masking offers a simple solution. Not only will installing a sound masking system in your office improve productivity, but it will make your space more conducive to producing higher quality work.

Is sound masking affordable?

The cost of sound masking will depend on the size and structure of your building. However, the price of sound masking is scalable. You can install a sound masking system as small as one speaker or more than 1000. These factors will affect the final cost of your system.

To determine the cost of sound masking your space, contact Marshall Industries. Our engineers will run a thorough sound masking report to determine what is required to create a comfortably equalized environment.

No matter the initial cost, sound masking pays for itself over time. Thanks to an increase in employee productivity and efficiency, most businesses recuperate the cost of installing an office sound masking system.

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