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School Intercoms and PA Systems

Trusted school intercom systems & equipment from Marshall Industries to deliver a school-wide communication network to your educational facility.


School Intercom Systems

Critical communication at high schools, elementary, middle schools, and other education facility types is a top priority. From the district office to each and every classroom, school operators must have the ability to connect with administrators, educators, and students at any given moment. Marshall Industries’ proven school intercom systems ensure wide-spread or specified communication.

With an IP-based school intercom system, you can automate emergency notifications, scheduling protocols, morning announcements, and more. It is the all-in-one communication solution that every school needs. Customize a school intercom communication system to improve the effectiveness of your education facility operations with Marshall today!

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PA Systems for Schools & Classroom Intercoms - School Solutions

PA Systems for Schools

School intercom systems are the heartbeat of communication between administration, students, and teachers. Our reputable intercoms provide facilities with two-way communication that broadcasts in the school’s interior and exterior. Intercom systems can help your school district achieve seamless, district-wide integrations with a complete critical communications solution.

Enhance emergency communications and management with a Marshall school intercom system. Our solutions can either tie into a traditional speaker system or upgrade to an IP system with zone paging, bell tones, music during class changes, and emergency paging. School administration can even record custom voice messages to play over the system following a designated schedule. The new Rauland TCU provides reliable classroom communication systems for handling emergencies, events, and everyday communication.

Improve Student Learning and Safety

Marshall Industries custom school intercom systems act as the communication line between faculty and students. This school intercom system functions using multiple indoor/outdoor zones to communicate with specific intercom stations individually or school-wide. You can work with our experienced intercom team to customize a Critical Communication system that fits your facility’s needs. These customizations include legacy system overlays, network integration, IP-based network upgrades, or LED visual communication features. Contact our sales and design team to customize a school intercom system that meets the entire scope of communication needs in your school.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do school intercom systems work?

School intercom systems use technological components to unify and standardize communication throughout your facility from the classroom to the office. Depending on the needs of your facility, a school intercom system may also provide paging and bell system functions. Rauland offers emergency integration into classroom sound systems and dual call buttons for Normal and Emergency situations.

Whether you are a large school district or small school district, you can work with Marshall Industries school paging and intercom specialists to design a system that includes one or more of the following components:

  • Two-way speaker inputs and outputs
  • Monitors
  • Microphone inputs
  • Zone paging
  • Bell scheduling
  • Audio inputs for music
  • Wall mount or ceiling speakers
  • Dual button call switch’s
  • Marquee displays

Whatever components you need in your school intercom system, trust Marshall Industries to design and install the best system that allows schools to look and sound their best throughout the school year. We tailor our high-quality, custom-designed school Critical Communications systems to each organization’s specific needs and structure.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom intercom and bell systems.

How to connect school speakers?

School speaker systems provide facility members, teachers, and students with the ability to communicate with the main office, page-specific zones, regulate bell schedules, and signal teachers in an emergency. The Rauland TCU intercom system allows teachers and faculty members to connect to the office instantly.
You can also install safety measures to protect your school intercom system against student hacks while keeping live broadcasts a strategic part of your facility’s emergency communication plan.

We suggest working with a classroom communication specialist to solve your school’s communication problems. Together, we can determine the technology, equipment, software, design setup, and mixer settings you need to run throughout your facilities while calculating the correct number of indoor and outdoor speakers, mics, and more.

How much does a school intercom system cost?

The cost of a school intercom system designed and installed by a professional AV specialist depends on the location, technology, and size of your educational facilities. On average, bids for a school intercom system will range from $20,000 to $65,000 and more. For instance, a small school will require less equipment resulting in a lower cost, a large school will come with a higher price tag based on more equipment needed.

To determine the exact cost of a school intercom, contact Marshall Industries in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. Our school sound specialists will create a custom bid based on the size of your educational facilities and the components you need to include in your building. Contact us today to learn more.

What are the best bell systems and PA systems for schools?

Rauland TCU school intercom and bell systems incorporate specialized technology to ensure that everyone in the building can hear messages loud and clear, whether broadcasting to the entire school or certain students in a specific classroom. As you determine which school intercom system would be best for your organization, it is important to research the various systems available and select a specialist that can outfit you with a system that will best suit your needs.

Your school deserves a custom sound system solution that you can trust in an emergency or on a day-to-day basis. With an upgraded school intercom and bell system, you will have the ability to teach and administer to your students better.

Let Marshall Industries help you create a safe learning environment for students, teachers, and faculty with a custom Rauland TCU intercom solution, whether your students are in the classroom, on the playground, or on the ball fields. We can create a full IP intercom system, hybrid, or a combination of the two. The Rauland TCU will help your students participate in the school experience while also keeping them safe.

Marshall Industries offers centralized systems for entire school districts, simplifying your critical communication system to help keep your staff and students safe. Whether your school adds a new wing or portable classrooms, our intercom system can be easily upgraded to fit your school’s needs, even providing regular software updates for no additional cost.

With quick reaction times in case of emergency, Marshall is proud to offer potentially life-saving technology available when you need it. Let one of our experienced sales reps walk you through your site and familiarize you with our options for automated emergency procedures.

Our innovative school intercom system is of the highest quality, built to last 15 years or longer. We continue to adapt with evolution in technology, providing the best systems and support for each of our customers. Trust Marshall Industries as the leading critical communication integrator to be your partner through the process.

Contact us to learn how a new Rauland TCU intercom system will help to improve your educational organization’s functionality and student experience today.

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