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Conference Room AV Systems & Setup Solutions

Meetings are where solutions take shape and where your company culture thrives. So make the most out of your team’s time together with professional conference room AV solutions from Marshall.

Crucial to a Professional Environment

Conference Room AV Systems

Conference room AV systems are digital tools and thoughtful design choices that make your space more efficient. The right audio-visual system can improve employee satisfaction and increase output from the smallest internal huddles to the most critical leadership meetings.

Video conferencing is at the center of this technology. Zoom reported it had 10 million users in December 2019. Four months later, in April 2020, it noted over 300 million users. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing in American businesses is now widely adopted.

Today’s shifting work culture – led by the largest remote workforce – means that conference room AV solutions are more critical than ever.

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Choose Professional Installation

Conference Audio Visual Setup

When you need conference room technology or a presentation system, take your time with DIY; turn to an expert. Marshall Industries has installed conference room AV solutions for Utah and Idaho’s fastest-growing and most successful businesses for over 45 years. Trust us to provide easy-to-use, seamless solutions for your corporate meeting spaces.

Learn more about our capabilities for conference audio visual setup & boardroom AV solutions below.

What Makes a Well-Equipped Conference Room

Conferencing Audio Visual Equipment

Discover the most common conference room AV components below.


A display is the focal point of any conference room. It draws attention to visual aids, gives remote participants a seat at the table, and guides discussion through digital presentations. While projectors used to be the gold standard in conference room displays, it’s now more common for digital screens or LED digital walls to take center stage. Not only do these improve visual clarity and sharpness, but they also contribute to a sleeker, more modern, and more adaptable display.

Video and Conferencing Solutions

Connecting multiple devices and users from around the room or remote locations takes adaptable digital solutions. The latest phone conferencing systems, along with one-touch Zoom or Microsoft Teams video call solutions, give your team the flexibility to connect in different ways depending on the goals of each meeting.

Audio Equipment

Precise, reliable audio is a requirement for effective teleconferencing. Built-in, surround-sound speakers and multiple microphones improve productivity and increase engagement from your team. At Marshall Industries, we take the sound design one step further, enhancing sound for your meeting space and office. We are leaders in noise masking design and sound neutrality engineering. This vital part of the conference room AV system design keeps your meeting space private while reducing or eliminating noise pollution throughout the rest of your office.


Cameras that connect your conference room to digital meeting rooms help foster connection. High-definition cameras prevent outside participants from missing essential details.

Control Panel

Control your meeting space with the touch of a button. Integrated conference room AV systems, controlled by intelligent software from an accessible touchscreen panel, help you manage each component to match the scope, audience, and goals of any meeting. We can customize volume, display settings, and more to fit the changing needs of your conference space.

Hire a Professional

Conference Room AV Installation

Before you attempt to DIY your conference room AV, understand these key benefits of working with a professional:

  1. Superior, proven brands: At Marshall Industries, we know which brands and systems are reliable and which aren’t. After 45 years in the industry, we’ve learned which systems will give you lasting results, and we only use the best.
  2. Latest best practices: We stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the AV industry so we can pass those innovations on to you. Our knowledge helps us design a space for you that will bring value to your company for years.
  3. Expert guidance and ideas: We are expert AV designers and consultants apart from installation. After learning about your goals for your conference room, we bring new, fresh ideas that you may have yet to consider.

These benefits are why, in the end, professional installation vastly improves the ROI of your conference room AV system.

Boardroom AV Solutions

No ordinary conference room—you make critical decisions in the boardroom. Marshall Industries has extensive experience designing and installing boardroom AV solutions for some of the largest organizations in Utah and Idaho – including healthcare systems, educational institutions, churches, corporations, and municipalities.

Dedicated to Leadership

Boardroom AV Integration

It’s even more important to have a robust AV system dedicated to leadership in your meeting space. When it is both easy to use and complements the more professional setting, your comprehensive AV system can be an attractive and effective solution to improve collaboration in this pivotal space.

Custom Designed to Your Space

Boardroom AV Systems

We custom-design our AV systems to fit your specifications.

  • Confidentiality: A sound masking system emits an ambient background noise tuned to the frequencies of your office. It maintains the privacy of essential discussions inside the room while maintaining efficiency office-wide.
  • Harmonious technological integration in upscale interiors: Our design plan always works in harmony with the architectural and interior design of the space. We keep the technology as inconspicuous and unobtrusive for boardroom AV solutions as possible. Power lefts for displays (which control the visibility of the display in the room) are a perfect way to hide technology when it’s not needed, maintaining the polished atmosphere of the boardroom.

Contact Marshall Industries for a Professional Conference Room AV System

Conference Room AV

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my conference room integrate more easily with Zoom?

If your company uses Zoom video conferencing, professional AV installation will significantly improve your on-site’s team ability to interact with remote participants collectively. It will also enhance the clarity of appearance and sound of your on-site team. Our conference room AV solutions work well with web-based video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Zoom.

What is the best conference room setup?

Your setup depends entirely on how you plan to use the space, how large your team is, and what your meetings typically entail. For many companies, a complete AV setup gives them the confidence they’ll be able to accommodate presentations and groups of all kinds now and in the future. Our team at Marshall Industries has extensive experience designing conference room AV systems and can work with you to determine what will benefit your team’s efficiency.

Which is better: a conference room monitor vs. a projector?

Projectors were the standard display of many conference rooms. However, monitors and digital displays have improved in quality, clarity, and affordability in recent years, making them an ideal choice for upgrading your conference room AV system. Our team has installed both types of displays and can help you decide between these two popular display options.

How can I make video conferencing easier in my conference room?

Professional AV design will offer the best results when connecting your in-house team to customers or employees outside the office. AV software, accessible through a user-friendly control panel, makes connecting devices to conferencing applications simple and intuitive. In addition, professional cameras, audio equipment, and strategic device and lighting placement will improve the quality of your video stream and make your team appear more prepared and polished at every meeting.

What's the difference between a conference room and a meeting room?

“Conference room” and “meeting room” are sometimes used interchangeably. However, a meeting room is a smaller, more casual space. In comparison, a conference room identifies a larger room with more table space, chairs, and more extensive AV solutions.

What are conference room essentials?

Modern corporate conference rooms should include ample table space, comfortable chairs, strategic lighting, and an AV system for video/telephone conferencing and digital presentations. Your company culture, office interiors, and location can dictate your unique setup.