Commercial AV Systems

Today, AV commercial sound systems mean so much more than just a projector and screen. There are numerous technologies that must integrate with one another and work seamlessly in a commercial environment. Companies now expect and even demand that the flow of information be seamless. There’s also a big push toward interactivity with personal devices like smartphones and tablets. Marshall Industries is a leader in the communications technology industry and can give you a comprehensive solution that is easy to use, lessening the burden of IT managers and simplifying the difficulties that come with a complicated commercial av system.


Multiple systems need to be integrated in today’s business environment. Sound masking systems have become increasingly important for privacy within office spaces. While projection systems still have their place in larger venues, LCD and LED digital displays are now used more than ever for video in boardrooms and training rooms because the resolution is much brighter and clearer than in normal projection systems. Control systems give you the ability to control all of the technology in your space from an easy-to-use touch panel. Audio and video conferencing systems are changing the way we do business. Face-to-face meetings aren’t always possible, especially when doing business with companies far from yours. With a video conferencing system, you can still have face-to-face communication without travel expenses, saving time and money. Marshall Industries has the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs with all of these different types of commercial av systems.


In courthouses, the days of stenographic recording are gone and have been replaced by electronic recording systems. Microphones, cameras, and monitors replace the stenographer and allow for more effective production, distribution, and management of court records. We know that privacy is paramount in a judicial setting, and sound reinforcement or sound masking is a great way to manage it. The quiet white noise these systems produce helps to mask the sound coming from specific rooms or areas so those outside them can’t hear what’s going on inside. A courtroom’s commercial AV system has a direct impact on those present in a trial. Marshall Industries has worked with many of the courts in the state of Utah and can provide a system to fit the needs of today’s courthouses.

Hotel / Resorts

Today’s business and leisure travelers are demanding more and more when it comes to their hotel experience. Marshall Industries can provide the required technologies for all travelers to help alleviate the stress that comes from bridging the gaps with their home offices. Some of those technologies include digital signage displays that inform all guests about what is going on at the hotel. Conference room audiovisual systems give corporations the ability to present to a large audience with state-of-the-art projection systems, displays, and wireless audio products.

Recreation / Community Centers

Recreational and community centers rely on state-of-the-art commercial AV systems. These buildings are used for meetings, events, physical fitness, etc. Each area in these facilities has specific requirements that need to be addressed when designing the various commercial audiovisual systems. One system typically used in these areas is an assisted listening system, which is installed for guests with hearing difficulties. Marshall Industries has the experience in installing various types of assisted listening systems to help the user feel more comfortable and involved.