Healthcare AV Systems

In the healthcare industry, providing the highest quality of care is always most important. Technology in healthcare facilities plays a big role in that endeavor. Marshall Industries’ partnership with some of the top manufacturers in the industry allows us to provide systems that simplify a healthcare provider’s job, allowing them to care better for their patients. In the early ’80s, Marshall Industries became a distributor for Rauland-Borg, the country’s top-selling brand of nurse call equipment. As a result of many years in that partnership, we have significant experience when it comes to understanding the needs of healthcare providers and what it takes to accomplish such understanding. We provide and service systems, in some capacity, to every major facility in the state of Utah.


We provide a wide variety of communication systems in hospitals and medical centers. Nurse call systems are the core communication system between nurses and patients. Modern nurse call systems also integrate with electronic medical records, locating systems, wireless phones, and workflow solutions. Security systems, including access control systems and camera systems, help you know who is where, and when, in your facility, providing a more secure environment. Public address systems provide mass notification during times of high alert to both visitors and staff. Infant security systems help protect newborns from the possibility of abduction, helping to give your patients piece of mind. Real-time locating systems allow you to locate staff and track equipment throughout the facility, helping to eliminate unnecessary equipment rental or purchase. High-definition television systems that include the ability to offer in-house information channels, training channels, digital signage, channel directories, and full nurse call integration allow television control from the patient bed. We can integrate with satellite and cable providers, giving the customer the ability to choose the content they want and avoid the content they don’t. Showing a general information channel can offer information to patients and family members like cafeteria and gift shop information, how to use in room systems, or even how to contact staff for assistance.

Assisted Living Facilities

The needs of assisted living centers and long-term care centers differ from those of hospitals, so the communication system needs are different as well. Nurse call systems give residents the peace of mind that comes from being able to reliably contact a staff member or building manager. Patient elopement is a big safety concern for some residents of long-term care facilities, but WanderGuard systems help provide the protection these residents often need in this time of their life.