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Hospital Communication Systems Installation

Healthcare centers need state-of-the-art communication systems and AV solutions to better meet patients’ needs while improving internal communication across large, busy facilities with widely distributed staff. In Nampa, Idaho, our team worked with hospital administrators to design bespoke AV solutions for the Birkeland Maternity Center, a part of Saint Alphonsus and Trinity Health.

Like many healthcare facilities, Birkeland Maternity Center wanted a comprehensive nurse call and paging system for streamlined communication across staff. They also wanted digital solutions for enhanced building security and a carefully designed and engineered MATV (Master Antenna Television) system. Through creative planning and execution, our team at Marshall Industries created an efficient yet robust hospital communication system — one that would meet the needs of Birkeland today and tomorrow.

Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems are critical for healthcare facilities, like a maternity unit, where patients may be left alone for varying amounts of time. These systems allow patients to summon a nurse when in need of assistance. For Birkeland, we installed the Rauland Responder 5 Nurse Call System, a proven system in use at over 4,000 hospitals. The system’s staff terminal is a VoIP program that lets staff program unique calls (such as, “Doctor Needed”) and activates them at the touch of a button.

 MATV System

For Birkeland’s number of birthing and family suites, an MATV (Master Antenna Television) system was critical for amplifying AV signals while eliminating signal interference. We designed a framework with a processor, amplifier, and distribution network that would support Birkeland’s facility size and guarantee clear, dependable TV and FM signals.

Paging System

To locate and summon staff quickly, Birkeland wanted a paging system that was accessible and easy to use. The WaveWare SPS paging system (with a coverage area of up to 3 miles) delivers instant text, numeric, and tone/vibrate messages to POCSAG pagers so staff can connect with doctors and specialists no matter their location.

Access Control System

With staff and patient safety as a top priority, Birkeland needed a dependable hospital access control system. In addition to easy access for employees, our access control system was designed to eliminate the need for traditional keys, protect the facility from unauthorized visitors, and monitor who accesses the building at all times.

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Hospital AV Solutions in Utah and Idaho

If your healthcare facility needs complete audio/visual solutions for nurse call systems, access control, hospital intercoms, and more, contact us. Our team has proven success delivering custom solutions to leaders in healthcare in Idaho and Utah, like Birkeland Maternity Center. For innovative hospital AV planning and precise installation, choose Marshall Industries. 

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