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Utah Jazz Training Facility

Our work for the new Utah Jazz NBA training facility consisted of audio, visual, and control (A/V) system installation throughout the entire building. Continue reading to learn more.

Project Overview

This was a large project that relied heavily on the network.  We created our own Audio Visual (A/V) network using 4 Cisco layer three network switches and utilizing 5 VLANS.  We were also able to utilize the owners’ network infrastructure to connect the network TV system to our A/V network.

Our work for the Jazz training facility consisted of A/V within two spaces in the building. The players’ area consists of the gym, weight and training area, players’ lounge and dining area, players’ locker room, bathroom and showers, hydrotherapy area, physical-therapy or trainers’ area, and the massage room.

The staff area includes the coaches’ offices, video bullpen, coaches’ area, coaches’ locker room, classroom, press conference room, media room, and a meeting room.

In most of these areas, there are multiple TVs, each with its own IPTV Decoder to watch TV or Apple TV. Local HDMI inputs, Bluetooth audio inputs, and Crestron control touch panels made the system easy to use. There are also flush mount and hanging ceiling speakers installed throughout the facility to provide sound.

Each touch panel has custom graphics specific to the Utah Jazz, and all have been designed to function very similarly as you move from one room to another within the facility.

Systems Installed

Project Gallery

Player's Training Area

Video monitors were installed throughout the players training area. These are used not only for entertainment with IPTV at most monitor locations, Apple TV and Crestron AirMedia are also used to connect to trainer’s PC’s or tablets to show players workouts on the displays. This area also includes sound reinforcement for background music, and touch panels to control source input and audio.

Player's Therapy Area

Video displays in the players therapy area are equipped with IPTV for entertainment. The space also includes overhead speakers and touch panels to control source input and audio.


Conveniently located TVs in the whirlpool therapy area provide entertainment for players. A touch panel was installed for control. Personal devices can be connected to ceiling speakers.

Locker Room Showers

Locker room showers incorporate Bluetooth audio connectivity throughout with overhead sound reinforcement. Flexible audio zones allow users to move around the entire player area and connect using their phones from wherever they are.

Players' Locker Room

The players’ locker room includes sound reinforcement throughout for media sources. Also in the players locker room is a large display for computers and other media sources. Digital signage panels on either side of the display are used to show players’ schedules and updates about upcoming events. Flexible locations for equipment racks including millwork locations, help maintain the aesthetics of the room and hide electronics. The touch panel in the players locker room is used to control audio and video sources, Bluetooth connectivity is also included.

Player's Dining Area

The players’ dining area includes TV’s for entertainment while eating. Ceiling speakers were installed in the players’ dining area to make sure visitors could play their media anywhere in the space.

Players' Lounge

As you enter the players’ lounge area, a touch panel shows a visual representation of the room, making it easy for people to choose the TV they want to control.  The Jazz organization wanted a high-end feel for their remodel so it was a focus for us as well. They wanted all spaces to feel like home, including the players’ lounge. Having integration that allows users to move around the space and have their music or media easily move around the space with them helped meet that objective.

Players' Game Room

Displays with IPTV for entertainment viewing, Apple TV to connect local devices, Bluetooth connectivity, overhead audio, and a touch panel for control are all integrated into the players’ game room.

Video Bullpen

The video bullpen houses multiple displays, all with independent source ability so coaches can break down film or practice tape.

Coaches' Game Planning Area

The coaches game-planning area includes local inputs and wireless inputs (Crestron AirMedia and Apple TV). Also, a large touch screen display.

Coaches' Offices

Each coach’s office is equipped with local monitors, IPTV, and custom Crestron IR remotes, programmed to control the TV’s. These remotes helped alleviate the need for a touch panel in each office.

Coaches' Locker Room

Inside the coaches’ locker room are local monitors, Bluetooth capability, local sound reinforcement. And a touch panel for control.

Media Room

In the media room, a laser projector is used, which has much faster warm up and warm down times, is super bright, and plays instant video up and down. A large screen was installed for ease of viewing in the large space, and high-end sound reinforcement through a surround sound speaker system.

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