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A successful communication system is one of the most important elements of a school campus. It establishes an easy way for administrators, educators, and students to communicate and provides quick, easy safety solutions to keep the campus safe. School campuses’ increasing communication and safety demands constantly evolve, and a PA system must keep up. After all, a school paging system is necessary for today’s modern campuses.

At Marshall Industries, we provide top-notch school intercom and life safety system equipment to meet the needs of your school. While installing a school communication system offers many benefits, here are six main elements that will help your school with communication and safety.

high school student studies in class & utilizes classroom intercoms

A School Life Safety & Intercom System Offers Efficient Two-way Communication

At the heart of successful school management is an effective communication system. Our life safety systems provide quick, efficient two-way communication that broadcasts in both the school interior and exterior. The system allows administrators to communicate quickly with an entire campus. While life safety systems are most critical for providing school emergency notifications, they can also function as intercom systems during day-to-day operations. Use them when making a general announcement or signaling the end of the class period to make the most of your investment.

We offer a traditional 25-volt analog system or network IP digital system. While there are a few options for different kinds of school communication systems, we can help your school get the most effective life safety system to meet the specific needs of your school.

Emergency Paging with the Touch of a Button

Should an emergency happen on campus, effective communication is paramount for safety. Our life safety systems offer emergency paging with just the touch of a button because we know that the sooner you can get a message out to the campus, the better.

Our paging system allows school administrators to quickly broadcast information to the entire campus. No matter the message, the paging system enables the faculty to relay clear and concise information to the whole school. For faster communication, messages can be pre-recorded and broadcast later. Paging systems can help faculty get help in medical emergencies, fires, and even burglaries.

seats in auditorium - school sound system for gyms and auditoriumsSound Systems for Auditoriums, Athletic Fields, and Gymnasiums

Larger campuses with bigger student bodies can benefit from our school AV sound systems. For speaker coverage in the classrooms, we provide IR microphones so the instructor can relay information to the entire audience. Additional microphones can be added for any students presenting to the class.

Athletic fields, gymnasiums, and auditoriums require efficient audio equipment to relay information to a large audience. Our sound systems use high-quality speakers, amplifiers, state-of-the-art processors, and controls perfectly tailored to the size and space it’s installed. Each sound system is tailored for a specific area and is incredibly easy to operate.

Scheduling Provides Convenience and Added Security

The intercom systems of years past are no longer sufficient in today’s campuses. Did you know that a modern PA system does more than communicate information from one classroom to another? The systems of today can offer many convenience and safety features, such as scheduling daily events. Locking doors, interfacing with security systems, relaying emergency messages, and sending alerts to local and district staff are all features incorporated into our PA systems for schools.

Bell Tones, Music During Class Changes, and Zone Paging

While the security benefits of modern school life safety systems are essential, the systems also offer other benefits that provide a nice touch to a school campus. Customizable bell tones and music between class changes are a benefit that can boost mood on campus and help administrators increase attendance.

What if you need to broadcast specific information to a particular zone in the school? Zone paging allows administrators to designate zones, such as lunchrooms, gymnasiums, classrooms, and other areas such as hallways and common areas. With zone paging, administrators can broadcast messages quickly to designated areas instead of the entire campus. School administrators can also record custom voice messages to play over the system after an established schedule. These added conveniences can go a long way in running a smooth day on campus.

teacher & students utilize school sound systems for better collaboration

Increase Collaboration Between Students and Instructors

As technology rapidly changes, so does technology in higher education. To be the best in their field, students need to be able to learn and master the newest technology. Not only is it essential to learn the technology, but increased technology in the classroom can help to increase collaboration between students and instructors.

In the past, a simple projector and screen were sufficient in a classroom. While this is still useful in some circumstances, many campuses are incorporating intimate huddle spaces where students can easily integrate their own devices iteratively with systems already built into the room. Video conferencing, wireless connectivity, and audio integration are quickly becoming standard technology in these spaces. This added technology allows for quick and easy collaboration between everyone in the room.

Trust Marshall Industries for Your School Life Safety System & PA Needs

When parents drop their children off for school in the morning, there is an expectation that they will have their needs met. Each school’s life safety system must keep up with the demands of today by providing the option to issue immediate instructions, communicate across campus, and protect the facility in an emergency.
At Marshall Industries, we work with a carefully selected group of manufacturers to offer the best products at the best price. If you’re unsure what your school campus needs, we start by helping you assess the school’s needs. Then we design a PA system that addresses every communication and safety requirement. Regardless of the size of your school, we can design and install a system that meets the expectations of both faculty and students. To see how Marshall Industries can help you install the best AV system for your school, contact us today.