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The way the world does business is evolving. People want to work differently than they used to. Office design, and subsequently, the technology we use in the office is changing. The days of high-walled cubicles and people keeping to themselves are going and being replaced with small groups collaborating, and employees working remotely.

We now have Tech savvy staff that want to share ideas with each other, not work independently. Office buildings are being designed with much more open space instead of closed off areas where people keep to themselves. How is the AV world contributing? While large conference rooms and boardrooms are still needed (and there’s some pretty amazing technology out there to make them great), there’s a new way to accommodate this new way of working.

OC Tanner Huddle Space 2 | Marshall Industries

Enter huddle spaces. Companies are now using small open spaces to create collaboration areas with seating for 4-6 people. They can come equipped with a large screen display, speakers, a mic, camera and a device that allows users to share content wirelessly with the group over the screen using their own devices (Crestron AirMedia or AMX Enzo are two great ones). Check out the image above of a recent huddle space we did. You won’t see much there. Just a screen on the wall. Don’t let that deceive you though. Huddle spaces can be powerful tools for businesses. These systems work wirelessly and don’t require lots of equipment so they’re easy to use.

Now, instead of employees sleeping through a conference room meeting full of other bored employees, small groups can gather in open huddle spaces to discuss and share ideas. Employees are more engaged and more gets done. With minimal equipment, they can meet with others remotely and share information from their phone, tablet or laptop. These are also popular because unlike many boardrooms and conference rooms, they don’t have to be scheduled in advance so they’re great for impromptu meetings. The way we work will continue to change and we know you’ll be seeing more and more huddle spaces utilized in all kinds of businesses.


Are you considering a huddle space for a new or existing office? We have a team of experts who can answer any questions you have. Send us a message!