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Our work environment has a more significant impact on us than we might think. In an office setting, we are surrounded by constant distractions such as conversations, ringing phones, and other outside noises. In fact, a recent workplace study conducted revealed that noise pollution, also known as the sound around us, impacts the productivity of 69% of employees around the world. Those who work in an open office environment can be easily distracted by the sound of coworkers throughout the day.

While it might seem that you can’t control the noise around you while you work, there are several things you can do to help reduce the impact of noise on your productivity. Marshall Industries are the experts at tackling these noise issues within the office. From installing a sound system in your office to improving conference room acoustic design, there are a variety of ways we can help you reduce any unwanted noise and help you focus at work.

Noise While Working

How Does Music Affect Productivity?

Those who listen to music at work are continually shown to be more productive. Music can be a companion to boost productivity in a workplace setting, especially if the job is repetitive or clearly defined. Much of the time, playing music in the office puts us in a better mood which brings an increase in productivity. A recent study monitored a group of software engineers who either worked in silence or listened to music. They found that those who listened to music had an increase in happiness and improved their work quality.

Having ambient office music while you work can also help you focus on the task at hand. Instead of overhearing others’ conversations or other distractions, you’ll be able to pay attention to your work and get it done. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to control the sounds around you and listen to your favorite music throughout the day.

What’s the Best Way to Play Ambient Office Music?

While there are various ways to listen to music inside your office, installing a dedicated sound system is the best bet. At Marshall Industries, we provide all the audio equipment needed to listen to your favorite tunes while getting work done. We can design and install a customized sound system just for you. 

Noise While Meeting

What are Optimal Acoustics for a Meeting Room?

If you’re in the middle of an important meeting, the last thing you need is sound from another room distracting you. In a busy office environment, sound distractions are typical and can happen anytime during the day. To combat any distractions from an outside environment, it’s crucial to focus on making your meeting room optimal for acoustics.

Some of the most common issues inside a meeting room are echoes, sound leaks, and excessive background noise. In an ideal conference room, the meeting should be able to take place without any interruption from background noise, while the participants of the meeting should hear each other clearly. Just a few improvements in meeting room acoustics can have a dramatic improvement on work productivity.

How do you Reduce Outside Noise in a Conference Room?

You can do a few things to improve acoustics for a meeting room. First, focus on ensuring the space has a few soundproof elements. Many conference rooms are not built with acoustics in mind. Hard surfaces such as flat walls and large conference tables can echo any noise. Consider installing soundproof drywall and soundproof curtains. Ceiling tiles can be replaced with acoustical ceiling tile, a popular sound absorbing solution. Acoustic foam is another option to improve conference room sound, and it comes in a variety of types and designs. 

One of the best options for reducing outside noise in a conference room is to install a sound masking system. At Marshall Industries, our sound masking technology integrates proven scientific research to make the most efficient system possible. It is an elegant solution to reducing distractions from outside the room while providing privacy for those inside the room. Our expertly crafted systems mask any noise. This cleverly-concealed ambient background noise is proven to boost employee efficiency. Not only is sound masking useful in office environments, but it is also widely used in various industries such as education, healthcare, hotels, and financial services. It is one of the most flexible options for enhancing office acoustics while filtering out distractive noises.

Talk to the Experts in Office and Conference Room Acoustic Design

No matter the size of your office space, Marshall Industries can help boost your productivity at work. 

When you work with us, we design a custom sound system for your environment. We listen to your concerns, assess your environment, and put together the perfect sound system for your space. You’ll be surprised at all the solutions and products to make your work environment more enjoyable. Contact the sound professionals at Marshall Industries to start your commercial audio system installation today.