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Church sound systems are complex, with many components and maintenance requirements. As time goes on, church AV systems can get outdated quickly, leaving your congregation with a system that might be less than ideal. Upgrading your AV system will allow you to reach more people, giving them the opportunity to hear your message. If you think your system might be a little outdated, read on to learn everything you need to know about upgrading your congregation’s AV system.

Signs Your Church AV System is Out of Date

Church_networkingAs we all know, technology is constantly evolving. And so is the world of church audiovisual systems. AV technology is now more involved, easier to operate, and produces richer, more multidimensional content for your church audience. With technology changing so fast, how do you know if your church AV system needs a refresh?


Outdated AV systems often require a large number of cords in order to function properly. These cords often stretch between a room’s speakers, microphones, and televisions. These extra cords are a headache, are tripping hazards, and can be easily disorganized if not appropriately maintained. Modern AV systems are designed to have fewer cords or be cordless for easier maintenance and organization.

Low Audio and Video Quality

If you’ve noticed that the audio and video quality has diminished, it might be time for a new AV system. With poor quality, speakers can be hard to understand, singers are too quiet, and music is hard to hear. Those who run church services know that communication is imperative to an effective service, and anything less is unacceptable. AV equipment should be replaced if you’ve noticed any type of decline in performance.

Equipment That Doesn’t Work

As the years go by and certain parts of the audiovisual system go through wear and tear, it can be common for some equipment to stop working. If much of your equipment doesn’t work, then it’s time for an upgrade.

Constant Troubleshooting

Malfunctioning speakers, poor sound quality, feedback, projector issues, and more are all common issues that could trigger the process of troubleshooting. If you’ve found that you’ve spent more time troubleshooting issues with the audiovisual system, it’s time to upgrade to something more modern and streamlined.

Your Current System No Longer Meets Your Needs

It’s common for the needs of a church congregation to change over time. Perhaps your congregation has grown, and you need more sound equipment. Or maybe you need some screens during services to communicate more easily to your parishioners. When the years go by and your congregation changes, it’s common for audiovisual needs to change. Many churches opt for an upgrade at that point.

Missing Modern Features that Could Help Your Congregation

With the changing times comes many features that more aptly accommodate the modern era. Is your current AV system compatible with modern technology, such as smartphones, tablets, or other modern devices? Many old AV systems, such as modern technology integration, lack the technology that would benefit congregations.

The Latest Features That Will Enhance Your Worship Services

church audio systemMarshall Industries are the industry experts in providing modern solutions for AV systems. We analyze the needs of your congregation and use technological components to comprise a system that makes your church more efficient at communicating. Here are a few of the latest features we can incorporate into your system:

Audio Systems for Churches

Our audio systems feature top-of-the-line equipment that provides your congregation with clear audio. Using a combination of handheld microphones, wireless microphone systems, audio mixers, and active loudspeakers, we make it easy for you to provide audio to your entire congregation. A PA system for church communication across large campuses is another helpful upgrade many churches choose.

Video Systems for In-House Performances and Live Broadcasts

If you need a video system to broadcast services within your building and online for remote viewing, we can help with that, too. Modern in-house video systems can even provide visual effects, enhancing the experience for your viewers. Our equipment provides your viewers with high-quality streaming, allowing them to watch in the comfort of their own homes. With many congregations adding streaming video capabilities within the last few years, we can give you the ability to provide this service for your congregation.

Sound Masking Systems for Privacy

One unique element to church audiovisual systems that could be easily overlooked is providing sound masking systems for increased privacy. This modern technology is a feature that generates white noise to minimize distractions. In church settings, we understand the need for privacy, and noise masking is a simple solution to provide more privacy.

How to Find the Right Church AV System Solution

church av system for a congregationThere are many things to consider when considering different companies to provide audiovisual solutions for your church congregations. We’ve compiled this list of things you should look for when finding a company to provide AV solutions for your church.

What qualifications does the provider have?

Take a look at the company’s history and any qualifications they have. What services can they offer your congregation that will meet your needs? Do they have trained technicians as part of their workforce? Taking note of their qualifications can give you a good idea of what they can do for your congregation.

Do they have experience with churches?

While there are plenty of audiovisual companies, not all are experienced in setting up church systems. You’ll want a company with the know-how and expertise to design and install a system that perfectly fits all of your needs.

Do they have case studies?

Can they provide you with a list of real-life examples of how they have helped other churches? For example, an AV company should be able to tell you specific examples of congregations that have needed help and how they have designed a system that not only meets their needs but exceeds their expectations.

Do they provide ongoing support for their systems?

Setting up the system is essential, but does the company provide ongoing support for any issues that may arise later? Take note of how they offer support services and what they can do should you experience issues, especially during important events.

Marshall Industries: The Church Audio Visual Experts You Can Trust

Church_audio systemsSince our beginning as a small company over 45 years ago, Marshall Industries has expanded and grown to provide a variety of services to nearly any industry needing AV solutions. We understand the complex needs of church congregations, and we have the expertise to build systems that enhance church experiences.

We start with project estimation and begin drafting the perfect setup for your church. Throughout the design and management phase, we ensure that your system is completed on time and within budget. Our installation experts set everything up and troubleshoot any potential problems while delivering a complete and working system. After we set up your system, we help to maintain your system with 24/7 support. We believe our knowledge, high-quality equipment, and ongoing support set us apart from the rest. Marshall Industries is your answer for the most modern and efficient church AV system. Our Utah & Idaho AV services are perfect for creating the atmosphere you want for your congregation. Contact us today to get started.