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There have been a number of attempts at using various hardware and software products to distribute information on displays in educational facilities.

Uses of Digital Signage in the Education Market

There have been a number of attempts at using various hardware and software products to distribute information on displays in educational facilities.

From the days of DOS based Bulletin Board systems, to custom Power Point templates, to integrated information players, Marshall Industries now employ web connected server based solutions.

The current generation of signage players offer multi-window, high definition, full motion video. The ‘Composing’ software offers multi-user, multi-level approval, time context sensitive creation and editing.

Typical template windows can be created for:

  • Public Information: News, weather, and pertinent web feeds
  • Internal Information: Activities, daily announcements, after school events
  • Menu Information: Lunch Items, plate photos, nutritional information and facts
  • Advertising: Sponsor messages for additional revenue

Advantages that AMX offers

AMX has extensive experience in district wide signage systems. As the number of players and schools are added to the system, the initial server software installation has the needed database and control capabilities.

With the AMX system, there won’t be additional yearly license fees.

AMX doesn’t require media player message licenses.

AMX also offers integration of the signage system with a Resource Management System for device scheduling, monitoring and emergency messaging.

AMX also includes the XPort software for web page, RSS feed, news, and weather aggregation. The XPort automatically integrates with the XPert media players to reduce redundant web traffic.

Typical Display Content Creation

A typical “page” is created around a page template. A standard template can be used (down loaded for free from AMX) or a custom ‘Branded’ template can be ordered from AMX Professional Services. A template is usually chosen from a family of templates to maintain color and scheme consistency.

A template with the correct number, size and types of windows is chosen. An Administrator or Editor can assign user rights to the various windows or whole templates.

Once content is added – in the form of text, pictures, video, web feeds, etc. – the page can be sent to an editor for review, re-composing, or publishing. The various pages can be scheduled for playing on specific dates, times, and locations.

A player in a lunch room could show the school announcements before and after lunch. During the lunch period, a player could display food line choices and nutritional information and facts. After school, the player could display sponsor based advertisements and after school activities or calendars.

Individual ‘windows’ within the pages could be created by the school administration, the nutritional serving staff, or the student body officer.

Reports can be created to verify sponsor based advertising view counts.


We believe the AMX Digital Signage system offers the best value for an Enterprise or District.

It is based on reliable, expandable, and flexible hardware and software platform.

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