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BSS has announced and released a lot of exciting products lately. Here is a quick look at what’s new.


(Introduced Feb 10, 2105 – Release date unavailable)
The BLU-DAN allows you to interface Dante audio networks with BSS Soundweb! The device is configured with Audio Architect for 64 in and 64 out channels of Dante to BSS audio. Half RU form factor with Ethernet and RS-232 control.



(Introduced Feb 10, 2105 – Release date unavailable)
The BLU-103 allows you to interface VOIP systems with BSS Soundweb! I think I can safely speak for all BSS fans in saying “Hooray!” The BLU-103 includes everything you would expect in a BSS DSP plus supports 2 VOIP lines.


Soundweb Contrio Analog Controllers

(Introduced Jun 19, 2104 – Available in May, 2015!)
The Soundweb Contrio Analog Controllers are cost effective and simple. They are designed to use GPI ports on BSS DSP devices. 2 different models available, one for preset/mode selection and the other for volume control. Each is available in black or white, only takes up one GPI port and is neatly packaged into a single gang decora module.



Soundweb Contrio Ethernet Controllers

(Introduced Jun 19, 2104 – Available late April, 2015!)
The Soundweb Contrio Ethernet Controllers are beautiful, cost effective, highly configurable and easy to integrate. They come in 4 flavors to suit, offering volume control, source selection and preset recall. Buttons can be used with any Boolean type control. Communication is accomplished via POE Ethernet. Local power supply is not an option. Buttons, screens and encoder knobs are capable of 8 different colors with adjustable intensity. ‘Sleep’ and ‘pin lockout’ functions are available. Configuration requires use of Audio Architect. London Architect is not supported. They can be integrated with BSS Soundweb London devices and several other HiQnet devices such as the Crown DCI series amplifiers. I can’t wait to start using these!

EC-V-BLK_US_original EC-4BV-BLK_US_original EC-4B-BLK_US_original EC-8BV-BLK_US_original


Soundweb Contrio Server

(Introduced Jun 18, 2104 – Release date unavailable)
The Soundweb Contrio Server is a full on server with a beefed up version of Audio Architect loaded onto it. Adding this to your HiQnet system will provide advanced system control and scripting, centralized system management and an integrated media server. I think that the coolest feature of this device is the control scripting because this will allow you to do all kinds of crazy logic processing that just was not possible before.

The centralized system management can be used to decrease downtimes by ‘self-healing’. If this is enabled it can sense when a HiQnet device goes offline and then when a replacement device comes back online it will automatically deploy the configuration from the previous device and start running the role. Event log aggregation for characterizing system usage and troubleshooting is also available.

The integrated media server allows for simultaneous playback of multiple-channel audio. Two versions of the server are available. One includes Dante playback and one includes Blu-Link playback.


As you can see, BSS has made a lot of changes to their Soundweb platform lately. It is hard to summarize the changes because there are so many improvements, in so many areas. They are all great improvements to the already great Soundweb platform, which has been tried and tested over the past 10+ years.

We have already started using some of these products with great results and are excited to use the others when they become available.

Give us a call and we can show you what BLU can do for you!

-Ben Poulsen, Project Engineer