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Should I install a projector and screen or a large display in my conference room or meeting space? With so many options out there, how do you know which is better? Clark from our Sales team is here to help clear things up.


We get questions like this a lot, and both technologies are a viable option for today’s workplace. There are pros and cons to both.  Displays continue to get larger and larger and less expensive.  This has led to many companies falling in love with the idea of large screen displays.  Don’t get me wrong, displays are a better option in many instances.  The picture quality and resolution is much better in most cases.  HD projectors have nice picture quality but a display still has a sharper image and you don’t have to worry about lighting issues in the room with a display.  Ambient light is one of the biggest challenges with a projector.  Careful consideration has to be made as to the room’s environment.  Is the projector bright enough? Is there too much direct sunlight?  Do we need to turn off some or all of the lights?  These are questions that need to be answered with a projector.  Displays do not have these same concerns, but there are things to consider with a display.

Displays are great for video purposes, but a projector might be a better choice for text, spreadsheets, or similar things.  It all depends on the size of the room and how far back the furthest viewer is to the screen or display.  You might think an 80” display is big enough for the room, but text or a spreadsheet might be difficult to view for some people.

The cost of displays continue to drop so that is, in part, why they have become such an attractive option for many.  Displays below 80” provide a cost effective solution.  Displays above 80” can be cost prohibitive and a projector can be a less expensive solution if the application requires larger images.  I talked earlier about the challenges with a projector and light issues.  Because of projection technology today, most of these issues can be minimized with the right screen material and placement of the projector.

In most situations in today’s environment, a flat panel display is the better option and makes sense.  The important thing to remember is to understand the room’s space, what the application is for and the size of the audience.

The best thing to do since both projectors or flat panels are good options is to seek the advice of an AV integrator that can meet with you and help decide what would work best for your individual situation.  They are experts and can make sure that you end up with the best result for your space.