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Did you miss coming out to hear from Community Loudspeakers? We talked to Steve Trump about some emerging trends in the loudspeaker industry. Read on to hear what he had to say.

There was a time when paging horns were considered sufficient sound reinforcement for athletic/outdoor venues, warehouses, and other commercial applications. In the past, the sound system may have had a role of mainly speech reinforcement,  now most modern applications will also require music reproduction.

For many people, the baseline of quality audio is now their automobile. Think about how much audio has improved in people’s vehicles in even the base models. Personal audio players are another big factor.  I’m thinking of everything from iPods to smart phones and even tablets.  Lots of audiophiles degrade personal audio players as inferior to “real audio” systems but they’re much better than the portable cassette players we used to carry around!

With car sound,  personal audio players, and other exposure to high fidelity sound in the listener’s personal environments, having inferior sound in sports venues, public and commercial spaces is no longer acceptable.

Community Loudspeakers has been very prolific with new products in recent years. With these new designs, improved musicality has been a focus and a priority.

Marshall Industries, a commercial sound system installer uses the new small R series line-up features outstanding full range music reproduction in a remarkably small enclosure. This series starts with the R.15COAX, offering small size and big performance from a 6.5 inch front loaded two way box. The same outstanding voicing is offered with deeper LF in the R.35COAX with a 10″ two way design. The innovative triaxial R.35-3896 is an 8″ high performance, high output horn loaded 3-way. Designed for premium quality music reproduction with excellent clarity, the R.35-3896 is an excellent choice for sightline-friendly, medium-projection sports venues.

R.15-grilleOn-R R.35-side R.35-3896_GrilleOff

Also in new Premium Music Solution products, Community has added new models in the legendary medium/large format R-series. The R.5-MAX delivers the same high output levels as many standard R2 models.  This small size, large performance loudspeaker produces a flat musical response with exceptional dynamic range and detail.

The R2-MAX features the pattern control R2 is known for, with substantially upgraded acoustic performance.  Premium drivers  and all-horn loading produce extremely low distortion, exceptional dynamic range, and unmatched vocal clarity and detail.  With higher output than standard R2, the R2-MAX is a world class solution for large stadiums, themed entertainment, or permanent music reinforcement applications – outdoor, or indoor.

New Premium Music products from Community are an excellent solution to meet higher expectations for high fidelity sound in your indoor and outdoor venues.


For more information on Community products, feel free to contact us anytime. We’re here to answer any questions you might have!