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The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, regulates communications in the U.S. Not long ago, the FCC changed the rules for operating portable mics and similar devices. These rules concern wireless microphone frequency and can affect various wireless devices like wireless intercoms, wireless in-ear monitors, wireless audio instrument links, and more.

New regulations mean that some equipment may need to be updated for local theater, school, conference center, stadium, and church sound systems.

New Regulations for Wireless Mic Frequencies

The FCC’s new regulations limit the amount of spectrum in the t.v. band available to wireless microphone users. They repurposed almost all of the spectrum in the 600 MHz band and prohibited the use of wireless microphones on the 600 MHz band frequencies from:

  • 617-652 MHz; and
  • 663-698 MHz

Additionally, you cannot operate wireless microphone frequency in the 700 MHz band because it is reserved for emergency services such as police and fire.

Safe operating zones on the spectrum include:

  • VHF and UHF frequencies on TV channels 2-36, which fall below 608 MHz
  • Specific frequencies in the 600 MHz guard band: 614-616 MHz
  • Specific frequencies in the 600 MHz duplex gap for licensed and unlicensed use: 653-657 MHz for licensed use and 657-663 MHz for unlicensed use

Which Regulations Do You Need to Follow?

Both private and commercial users need to comply with FCC regulations. School, church, community, and commercial AV systems must all conform. There are also restrictions for licensed and unlicensed mics.

Best Wireless Microphone Systems for Your Church

church av system for a congregation

The best wireless microphone systems for your church meet the needs of your space and your congregants and can include wireless, handheld, and standing church microphones, active loudspeakers or speaker sound systems, audio and video conferencing solutions, digital video displays, interactive exhibits, audio enhancement technology, control systems, and more.

When you partner with a trusted audio-visual system design and installation company like Marshall Industries, you can breathe easy knowing that we are experts in the equipment and FCC regulations and can work with you to create a unique and functional system.

FAQs about Wireless Mic Regulations

four wireless mics next to each other on black background

What wireless microphone frequencies are legal?

Anything below 608 MHz is legal, as well as specific frequencies in the 600 MHz guard band (614-616 MHz) and the 600 MHz duplex gap (653-657 MHz for licensed use and 657-663 MHz for unlicensed use).

How do I know what wireless mics are affected?

In order to know whether your wireless mic is affected, you need to know the specific frequencies that your mic uses. You can find this information by contacting the manufacturer or finding it in the user manual of a particular model. If your wireless mic operates under illegal frequencies, you may need to modify or replace it.

What are the consequences of not following wireless mic regulations?

Those who do not comply with FCC regulations and illegally operate wireless mics or devices in the 600 and 700 spectrum bands may face fines or other criminal penalties.

Using Marshall Industries for Your Church

Marshall Industries is a leader in AV system design, and we recommend and install equipment that conforms to the latest requirements. We are experts in church AV systems and audio equipment; our team can help you know what will work best for your place of worship and congregants—Trust Marshall Industries to provide the sound system you need. Request a quote today.